Golden Rock (Kyaikhtiyo)

kyaikhtiyo-01Kyaikhtiyo, better known as Golden Rock Pagoda, is 166 km northeast of Yangon. It is a boulder precariously perched on the edge of the hill over 1100 meters above sea level . Believed to shrine the sacred hair relic of the Buddha, it is probably the third most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar.

According to legend, the hermit named Teikssa, after maintaining the hair of the Buddha, and the King of Celestial chose the boulder which looked like the head of the hermit. On top of this, three sacred hairs of the Buddha were enshrined and was a small stupa built.

To reach the pagoda, first a drive from Yangon which takes about 5 hours, to be taken to Kin Pun base camp from where you have to transfer a pick-up truck along an uphill motor road to the Hermit Hill. Then, one can proceed by taking highly refreshing and exhilarating climb within an hour to reach the summit.

Actually, the whole area is marvelous replete with magical events and is famous for its unspoiled ecology. It definitely makes a never-tobe- forgotten experience to all visitors.