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kyaikhtiyoKyaikhtiyo means “the pagoda carried on the head of the hermit”. It is also called the Golden Rock. The pagoda is northeast from Yangon city – just 166 km to Camp Kim Pun – where the uphill trip to Kyaikhtiyo pagoda starts. It exists on the highest peak (1,102 meters above sea level) of the Paung Laung mountain range – 12 km from base Camp Kim Pun. Kyaikhtiyo is probably the second most famous and revered pagoda in Myanmar. According to the legend, eight years after attainment of Buddha-hood - probably in the year 574 BC, the monarch of the Devas (Celestial beings) personally chose the boulder thoroughly like the head of the hermit, who was practicing meditation nearby mountain, from the deep sea and placed it at the cliff of Kyaikhtiyo mountain. On top of this boulder three sacred litters Buddha’s hair maintained by the hermit was enshrined and later a small stupa was consecrated.

The pagoda is really marvelous for its precarious position; it seems to be defying the force of gravity as it hangs from the spur of a cliff. One obvious reason for the popularity of the pilgrimage to the Kyaikhtiyo pagoda is because of the highly refreshing and exhilarating climb to its lush rain forest, towering hills and rippling streams. It makes a never-to-be-forgotten experience to all visitors. At present, there is an uphill motor road to the hermit’s hill form where one can walk within an hour to reach the summit. Actually, the whole area has fully magical events and is famous for its unspoiled ecology.

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